London Substation-Health-Risks is the only company within the UK that tests properties to a radiation standard of NO RISK. As opposed to all other types of analysis, which allow for an ACCEPTED RISK.

All our engineers are qualified to evaluate BIOLOGICAL DANGERS arising from exposure to Substation and Transformer radiation, far below the level tested by the National Grid and other less critical assessments.

Our analysis is specifically tailored to home buyers, and in cases where a property fails the NO RISK fully electronic test, we advise the purchaser to withdraw from the sale. Alternatively, as with 83 in every 100 substations that pass the NO RISK analysis, the purchaser can have absolute confidence that biological dangers and re-sale values will not be compromised.

We supply a detailed report outlining the implications of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This includes presenting the values recorded and making direct comparisons with the latest legal and biological guidelines.

Our assessments are fast and efficient. Customers benefit from cost-saving measures that enable clients to take advantage of on-site analysis and report delivery within a very short time-frame.