Protecting your family from EMF radiation

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We are the only company within the UK that tests properties (located near Substations) to a radiation standard of “No Biological Risk”.


Electromagnetic Surveys

If you are living near a substation or pylon or you’re considering purchasing a home close to a substation or pylon, our Site-Survey provides electromagnetic mapping – direct onto frequency charts.

Electromagnetic reports

Our reports contain detailed graphs of each location that were data-filed during the survey. The clear-cut summary will state whether the recorded EMF levels are above or below the guidelines. Following completion of the analysis, we aim to deliver the report within 2/3 business days.

risk assessments

EMR analysis is a highly specialised assessment of the dangers of high EMF levels from: Substations and their underground cables, Pylons and their high voltage wires. Often, family homes or businesses are unsure whether their premises are subject to large levels of EM Radiation.

Potential Health Risks

Health Risks

Every health institution worldwide accepts that exposure to high levels of EMF radiation is a known cause of cancer. Unfortunately, within the UK, Government  national exposure levels  offer no “biological” EMF protection.

Safe Distances

Households located in the shadow of elevated electromagnetic activity can choose to test their environments and receive the exact amplitudes involved by an electrical engineering expert.

EMF Radiation

Our service provides expert Electronic Engineers, trained to the highest standard in electromagnetic biological ailments. Once a location has been data-recorded, we supply a detailed report outlining the possible health implications of EM radiation.

Childhood Cancer & Leukaemia

Specifically designed to protect against childhood Leukaemia, our service provides electromagnetic analysis to the strictest biological standard available – worldwide.

About EMF Detection

We are the only company within the UK that tests properties (located near Substations) to a radiation standard of “No Biological Risk”. We offer this service precisely because the UK Government’s national EMF exposure guidelines – provide NO protection at biological levels. We test and chart the substations electro-magnetic fields, assessing if it is a potential hazard or danger for the residents near by.

Our service is entirely neutral and professionally objective and all our surveyors are qualified engineers trained to evaluate biological dangers arising from exposure to Substation radiation. Our “NO RISK” assessments allow for no additional radiation above normal levels (homes not located near Substations). Biological experts agree – worldwide – that the German SBM guidelines (incorporate within all our tests) offer complete protection against any biological risks. Our “ZERO RISK” analysis is specifically tailored to “electronically witness” all the frequencies of possible concern and in cases where a property fails the “NO RISK” test, the electrical network is at fault.

Fixed Inclusive fee

Customers take advantage of a “fixed inclusive fee” that expedites on-site analysis and report delivery within a very short time-frame.

detailed report

This includes the radiation levels in the form of multiple frequency charts, taken in real-time and superimposed over the colour coded Salzburg SBM guidelines.

peace of mind

Ultimately, our assessments offer home purchasers absolute confidence that biological dangers and re-sale values will not be compromised.

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