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Testing EMF: Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) is a type of radiation that’s around us all the time. It’s emitted by electrical equipment of all types, including mobile devices, computers, the hob in the kitchen, and more. Here, at Substation Health Risks, we’re dedicated to providing accurate EMF testing of your residential or commercial property.

No matter where you’re located in the UK, we can come and perform an EMF survey to inspect your property. You may need a survey completed for your current property or one that you’d like to purchase. This is especially true if the property is situated near a substation or pylon.

If you’re preparing to sell the property or will do it at some point in the future, then an EMF survey will show the property is safe. Potential buyers won’t hesitate to purchase your home in that case. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a property when an EMF study shows whether or not the property will be safe for you and your family. If not, then you can look for another, safer location in which to live.

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What are the Health Risks of Living Near an EMF Source?

Exposure to EMF radiation has been shown to cause a wide range of health issues, including:

  • Cell damage
  • Headaches/migraine
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Lack of focus (difficult to concentrate)
  • Changes in memory

This is not an exhaustive list of symptoms, and it’s important to note that many of these can also be attributed to other health issues. However, scientific research has shown that EMF exposure can be dangerous to our health.

What’s Involved with EMF Testing?

Our surveyors will visit your property and use advanced tools to measure the EMF levels. Our high-tech tools will determine if the substation or pylon is safe for humans to be near or not.

The surveyor’s findings are presented in real-time data charts, which becomes part of our electronically witnessed written report. We’re unique in the UK in this as there are no other companies in the UK that provide this level of testing.

Our survey will include detailed findings on the magnetic flux density values coming from nearby electrical distribution systems. You can count on our reports to show whether or not there is a biological hazard to human health when it comes to electromagnetic safety.

What’s more, if you have any questions about the survey results or there’s something that needs more clarification, our technician will be happy to explain these details from the reports.

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How Long Does It Take to Get the Report Results? What’s Included in the Analysis?

Those are great questions! We aim to have the report results back to you as soon as possible. The process involves having the engineer’s written report transcribed, which can take a day or so. We have the report and the results back to you within 2-3 business days.

Each report includes three sections:

  • The surveyor’s written report
  • The supporting multiple-frequency graphic data charts
  • The relevant guidelines to the survey criteria

And remember, if you have any questions about any part of the report or need information clarified, you can ask our site engineer for assistance. They’ll be happy to assist you.

What is EMF Business Compliance?

If you have a business in the UK, then you’re legally responsible for the health and safety of your employees and the workplace. This requirement is set down in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSW). This regulation includes possible exposure to EMFs in the workplace, which is why businesses usually have an EMF survey completed.

In addition, the UK passed the CEMFAW Regulations in 2016, which limits the amount of EMF exposure in the workplace.

These regulations apply to all industries and businesses, especially to those that use welding equipment, as well as the consumer goods industry.

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in accurate, high-quality EMF surveys priced affordability. They’re guaranteed to help ensure your property or business is EMF compliant. What’s more, we have years of experience with performing assessments. And we use the latest equipment to measure EMF radiation. You’ll have an accurate, scientifically proven survey with the latest tech available.

We’re ready to help you solve any EMF problems that may be near your residential or commercial property. Our qualified surveyors carry out a high-quality survey, with accurate results every time.

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What Do We Offer with Our EMF Testing?

Quality services: our highly experienced and knowledgeable surveyors use advanced tools to conduct their surveys. They aim for accuracy every time. What’s more, you’ll receive a detailed report with the surveyor’s findings. If you have any questions, our surveyors are happy to assist.

Experienced surveyors: our EMF surveyors have the knowledge and experience needed to find if your property is subject to any harmful EMF radiation. Their detailed reports will provide the information you need to keep your family or employees safe.

Over a decade of experience: our company has over a decade of experience with EMF surveys. And we are able to test commercial and residential properties to a radiation standard of “No biological risk.” This makes us unique in the UK.

Affordable prices: we also keep our prices affordable while providing high-level, quality surveys and reports.

Other Services We Provide

In addition, we provide EMF surveys for buying or selling homes. You’ll have peace of mind that the property is healthy and safe for resale or purchasing.

We also offer EMF testing for pre-build projects and developments. The information provides valuable data from the local environment. This is valuable as it can be provided to potential buyers when construction is finished. This analysis includes HV and HC supply locations, takes a look at all electrical discharge, as well as the following environmental issues:

  • Unbalanced three-phase supply loads
  • Broken overhead power cables
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Substations

Our EMF testing audits are also helpful for the client’s build-management mandate. In other words, having an EMF survey completed ensures the environment is safe, making it easier to obtain planning consent or change-of-use permission.

If you’d like more information about our EMF test surveys for residential or commercial properties, then contact us today. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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Testing EMF: Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) is a type of radiation that’s around us all the time. It’s emitted by electrical equipment of all types, including mobile devices, computers, the hob in the kitchen, and more. Here, at Substation Health Risks, we’re dedicated to providing accurate EMF testing of your residential or commercial property.