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Are you worried about exposure to EMF radiation at home? Home EMF protection is crucial to maintaining the health of you and your family. We offer a professional EMF safety assessment for residential locations.

What Are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnet fields; within these fields, electrical charges are constantly moving. In other words, EMFs are a form of radiation. These types of radiation are produced by natural and man-made sources. There are two types of EMFs:

Ionizing: have high frequencies, with short wavelengths. This type of radiation is harmful to humans and can damage cells within the body. Ionizing radiation includes gamma rays, x-rays (which are used for imaging at the hospital or doctor’s office).

Non-ionizing: this form of EMF has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency. These EMFs are not able to damage cells. What’s more, this form of radiation even comes from natural as well as man-made sources. Sources of non-ionizing EMFs include microwaves, radiofrequency radiation, UV, and infrared radiation (similar to heat lamps). This type of radiation does not harm humans.

Why is EMF Protection Needed?

As the number of electronic devices continues to grow in our homes, the fact is that our exposure to EMF radiation continues to increase. EMFs are created by every kind of electrical device, including our smartphones, laptops, routers, Bluetooth devices, and more. While modern technology is wonderful and provides many benefits, the production of EMFs can be harmful to your health.

We’re surrounded by EMFs at home, which is why home EMF protection is crucial. Scientists and others are increasingly becoming more concerned with our daily exposure to EMFs. We’re surrounded by wires, cables, devices, routers, and more in all parts of our homes on a daily basis.

Scientists have shown that EMFs can be dangerous to your health.

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Health Hazards of EMFs

All of our modern electronic devices put off EMFs, which can cause certain health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Anxiety
  • And more

Scientists have also discovered that EMFs have the ability to damage human DNA. For these reasons, checking your family’s exposure to EMFs may mean the difference between staying healthy or suffering health issues caused by EMF radiation exposure.

Home EMF Protection – Home Surveys

We can help you determine if your home is being exposed to high levels of EMF radiation. In addition, we can also find the sources of EMFs in and around your home. This is done through a home EMF survey.

What is a Home EMF Protection Survey?

A home EMF protection survey also called an EMF inspection, is a method of checking your property for harmful EMF radiation. The survey can be done if you’d like to see if your home is safe and/or if you’re preparing to sell your home.

Our EMF survey is done by a qualified inspector who has been trained and has the knowledge to find and ascertain any EMF radiation risks inside or outside of your home.

We use specialized equipment to measure EMF radiation outside and inside your home. An EMF inspection includes the following:

  • Checking for EMF hotspots, which can include electrical panels, HVAC units inside the home, and more
  • External sources of EMF radiation outside the home, which can include power lines, cell towers, and more
  • Checking wiring and grounding inside the home

We check the entire home, inside and out, for sources of EMF radiation. That means we check each room in your home, walls near smart meters & cabling, as well as all electrical devices in the home. Outside the home, we check the property perimeter for EMFs from smart meters, powerlines, substations, and more.

Our surveys provide you with an accurate measurement of the EMFs on your property. We then create a detailed written report about our findings and then explain the report to you. We’re happy to answer any questions you have in regard to the survey report or EMF radiation. We also offer advice and guidance about dealing with EMF radiation issues that we may find on your property.

The inspection usually takes about 1-2 hours, but this will depend on the size of your home and property. And we do prefer that you’re at home when the inspector does the survey. This is because the inspector will need to access the inside of your home. However, if you can’t be that, we understand and can still get the survey completed for you. In that case, we will focus on the outside of your home to determine suspected sources of EMF radiation from power lines and other sources in the area.

Our goal is to provide you with the best home EMF protection possible through our survey.

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EMF Reports

Our EMF report contains the details of the survey we do on your home and property. The report includes the date, time, location, and weather conditions for the day the survey is completed. In addition, the report also contains the measurement of the source of the EMFs, as well as the identity of the source.

The survey will also report any health issues that anyone living in the home may be experiencing. However, information is only voluntary. It is not required to divulge personal health details for our survey.

What’s more, the report will include assessments of potential health risks from the identified source(s) of EMFs. Each source is listed, along with the level of risk from that specific source.

The results of the survey are usually available directly after the inspection has been finished. Our EMF reports are some of the most detailed in the business.

Why Choose EMF Detection for Your Home EMF Protection?

Not only are our surveys one of the most comprehensive in the UK, but we’re also the only company in the UK that tests properties to a radiation standard of “No biological risk.” What’s more, our analysis is tailored to evaluate all frequencies that could be harmful.

You can have complete confidence in our inspectors, the survey, and the final report we provide.

Interested in a Home EMF Protection Survey?

If you’re interested in our Home EMF protection survey, then just give us a call. Whether or not you’d like to buy a house or have your current home checked, we’re happy to help. We provide EMF surveys across the UK.

Get in touch today! We’re looking forward to talking with you about arranging an EMF survey of your home and property!

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