Electricity is the most important thing that we have today. It provides us with a great source of energy and has been very influential to our business growth. Nearly everything that we have today relies on electricity to function.

As much as it is useful, it is important also to note the dangers that come with it. Obviously, the most dangerous issue with high voltage electricity is electrocution which I imagine and hope we are all aware of. However, one of the slightly fewer known dangers is the exposure to the electro-magnetic fields caused by the current flow of the electricity. The prolonged exposure to the electro-magnetic fields can be dangerous and has been associated with dangerous medical conditions such as leukemia in children and chronic fatigue to name but a few.

There have been numerous studies that were carried out to solely shed light on this issue. Many experts have agreed that when people are exposed to the high electro-magnetic fields (emf) for a long time, they may end up suffering serious illnesses. This data was found through EMF surveys that were conducted in the major cities of the US and the UK.

Living near substation has been discouraged over years as this is where EMF is highly concentrated. People who work or live near these places have been encouraged to leave for substation health risks reasons. The number of people who are in danger of getting permanent damage from the exposure to these dangerous currents has been growing. The importance of EMF protection for those who are sensitive, EMFs can leave us feeling drained and stressed and although it would be impossible to avoid them completely, there are some simple ways of reducing our exposure and keeping ourselves protected.

EMF radiations can be harmful to the human functioning systems in more ways than one. Electromagnetic radiations are known to interfere with the normal messaging system of the body which the brain uses for transmitting signals to the nerves and organs. The body has its own electromagnetic signalling system. External interference causes alterations in the way the body transmits signals and instructs its own system.

The AC current which gives rise to EMFs is known to have a negative impact on the cells of the body. The cells need more energy to save themselves from these fields. This causes a serious depletion of energy levels and might leave us drained and fatigued and many people who have been settled near a substation have been able to register some effects that have been caused by the emission. Experts have said that the number of affected people will increase with time if there are no countermeasures employed.

Currently, as we advance further into the digital age we are becoming more and more surrounded by high emf omitting devices and infrastructures. Including cell towers. As the technology world prepares for 5G, up to the phone companies to install the cell towers and antennas and if the installation of the 3G and 4G ones are anything to by, they will be on top of apartment blocks, on top of office blocks and generally right amongst condensed living areas. The problem with this is as far as omitting high level emf levels goes, cell towers and they’re antennas are among the worst for it. Would you be comfortable with the installation of one on your roof? If you live in apartment blocks, you may not have the option to say no and there’s a strong chance if ones installed on your office block at work you won’t be able to say no to that either. You’ll 2be working 8 hours sat below one, think microwave.

The term microwave sickness is often used to refer to electromagnetic sensitivity or ES. Es is becoming more and more acknowledged and in June this year (2018) ES-UK launched the emf awareness day. Find more info here

Frequently asked questions:

I am constantly asked about the use of items such as crystals and salt lamps in the home to counteract high emf levels, in every instance I respond that there has been no indication that any of these prevention methods have any effect on reducing electro-magnetic fields. The most effective ways to avoid high emf levels is keeping a safe distance. Electrical substation safety distance is a topic I will address in a later blog post because I will have to go into great detail regarding the inverse square law and other metaphysical factors.

In addition to questions regarding emf safety measures, I’m often asked the following: “well can’t we just buy an emf detection meter online and use it ourselves?” or something along those lines. The answer is, of course you can buy a meter online and of course you can use it yourselves…  BUT I’d be very surprised if your results are accurate or even close to being accurate. Do you know where to take the readings from to prevent interference from internal wiring? Do you know what phase system the house is supplied from? Are you confident the meter you’ve purchased is accurate? Suppose you’ve managed to measure accurately the emf levels in your house with no interference, you now have a load of numbers and measurement units. Are you confident that you know which guidelines you should be comparing them to? These are just some of the obstacles you’d face when trying to measure emf levels in your home yourself with a meter purchased online.

It’s extremely important if you’re living near overhead power lines or have a pylon near house to get it checked out by having an emf survey as not only could it be causing health problems but you could be entitled to compensation (see our post for more info) or alternatively it could prove problematic in future if you were looking to sell your property.

It’s just as important if you’re buying a house close to a substation, buying a house close to a power station or buying a house close to a power grid for the same reasons listed above.

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