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Is EMF affecting property values?

One of the golden rules when buying a new home is: ‘How easy would it be to resell?’ With this in mind, is the substation at the bottom of the garden or the pylon down the street going to cause issues if you do decide to sell in the future? Thinking ahead to the time...

How are governments changing laws around EMF exposure?

In the previous post we touched briefly on what is EMF and the potential dangers it can cause. Now we’ll look at what governments around the world are doing to combat electro magnetic radiation as its dangers are becoming more common knowledge. Firstly, we’ll touch on...


So, you might be living near or thinking about living somewhere near a substation or pylon. You might be considering getting it checked. You want to know what could be at risk if you don’t get it checked (besides the properties residual value). Well, here is a quick...

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