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Your responsibilities as an employer

Before we start, the control of EMF at work regulations can be difficult to navigate through and are very technical. You may even be asking yourself whether your company or business needs to comply. If this is the case then save yourself from reading the following details of the regulation and contact us today for more information and if you do require compliance, a free no obligation quote.

The International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) sets the standard for legislation in all EU member countries. EMF Directive 2013/35/EU legislation places a legal obligation on European and UK businesses to ensure that workers are not exposed to electromagnetic fields above certain fundamental values.

It is the responsibility of both employer and employee to ensure that electromagnetic amplitudes do not exceed the recommended CEMFAW (control of EMFs at work) values. To be compliant, businesses should test all electrodynamics within the workplace.

ICNIRP values are multi-layered and require an expert EMF technician qualified in the field of both electrical engineering to make reliable EMF audits within the workplace. Businesses are required to prove compliance with the guidelines by taking multiple frequency data-recordings, preferably in real-time for the following spectrums:

  • Magnetic flux
  • Electric fields
  • Harmonic radiation
  • High frequency radiation
  • Ground currents
  • Static currents

EMR site evaluations must determine the exact location of non-compliant issues, implementing “Action Levels” or “Exposure Limits” within company health and safety limiting conditions. Ultimately, this demonstrates that the business has made all possible efforts to adhere to the required CEMFAW guidelines and protect their workforce from health ailments arising from non-ionising radiation.


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How we help

Our service offers industry-standard on-site electromagnetic radiation assessments worldwide. Our engineers undertake environmental health and safety audits and evaluations – spectrum frequency scanning and reporting on the electrodynamic fundamentals within the workplace.

Site engineers can provide full electromagnetic spectrum evaluations, including employee risk-profile mapping of the shop floor. Electromagnetic force velocity potential X, Y and Z can be individualised to pinpoint harmonic machine distortions. All EMR workplace hazards are highlighted along with all possible mitigating options.

Employees with ICD implants can have their workplace mapped for distortion forces and quantum magnetic penetration, supplied both in 3D and real time. Therefore, our engineers can assess and confirm the suitability of an environment for anyone fitted with a cardiac implant, pacemaker or defibrillator.

We undertake electromagnetic field screening for buildings and use full/partial Faraday cages for situational environments, such as close-proximity substations.

Other specific work applications can be justified to control movement-induced effects. Our engineering team has unique electromagnetic expertise to suit bespoke EMR remediation.

Our clients are supplied with a multi-layered compliance report, including “Electronic Witness” of the field strengths recorded in “Real-Time” and a “Certificate of Conformity”. Clearly demonstrating your commitment to safety on the shop-floor while fulfilling all legal EMR obligations.

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What our customers say

Have any questions?

EMF detection can be a confusing subject. Get in touch with one of our advisors for a friendly, no pressure conversation. We’ll be happy to answer your queries!


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