EMF Services In the uk

EMF Services in the UK

EMF services provide a comprehensive assessment of any property, including homes. If you’re concerned about nearby electrical substations, overhead lines, etc., it’s a good idea to check your exposure levels to EMF radiation. Give us a call and we can come out to do a survey. Our surveyors detect and measure electromagnetic radiation on your property.

Why Do You Need EMF Services?

An EMF survey assesses how much exposure to EMF radiation you and your family may be receiving. Sources of electromagnetic fields include electricity that comes from wall sockets, overhead lines, high-voltage underground cables, substations and more.

EMF services include a survey of your property—whether you’re buying a new home, renting a new place or selling your current home, or if you’re remaining in your current home. The survey will give you and potential buyers the reassurance that the property is a safe place to live.

If we find problems, we’ll help you determine the next steps that will be needed to keep you and your family safe from exposure to harmful radiation.

What are EMFs?

EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are invisible lines of force created whenever electricity is generated or used. Man-made EMFs are produced by much of the technology we use today including power lines, electric wiring, electric appliances, computers, cell phones, and more. There are also natural sources of EMFs including the sun, our bodies, etc.

Electromagnetic fields surround any wire that conducts electricity. The EMF field is created when an electric device, such as a computer, is plugged in. Your appliance or device also produces EMFs when turned off.

We’re all exposed to EMFs every day. Some research has suggested that EMFs may cause health issues. Is there anything to worry about? Possibly.

emf services in the uk

What are the Dangers of EMF Exposure?

EMF exposure is nothing new, as we’re exposed to both natural and man-made sources of EMF. Over the course of the last century, however, our exposure has increased due to the increase of man-made electromagnetic fields. As our use of electricity increases, our exposure will also increase.

Did you know even our bodies produce electromagnetic fields? It’s true—we produce tiny electric currents that help the body to work correctly. One example to help you understand—think of the nerves that relay signals to the brain. These signals are actually electrical impulses that can carry messages to let your brain know it’s time to eat, move quickly, that something hurts, and more. Our hearts even use electric impulses.

The artificial EMF fields we’re exposed to, outside of our bodies, can influence how our bodies work. In fact, if we’re near strong electrical magnetic fields, they can actually affect our body’s electrical system. One of the main effects of EMF fields is heating. Think of the microwave and how food warms up inside. This is due to EMF radiation inside the microwave. Research has shown that some EMF exposure can have a harmful effect on the human body.

While studies have shown that short-term exposure doesn’t seem to cause health issues in most healthy people, exposure to higher levels over a longer time may be harmful. Some people report these health issues, which may be caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields at work or at home:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • And more

Several studies have shown that exposure to high levels of EMF radiation can interfere with our body’s electromagnetic pulses. It seems the heart and brain are the most vulnerable. Some research has suggested that EMFs can worsen inflammatory issues. EMFs may also be carcinogenic to humans, meaning that exposure may cause cancer in some people. The main types of cancer have included childhood leukemia and brain tumors.

UK emf services

What are EMF Services?

EMF services include measurement surveys, which are done to evaluate a property for the level of EMF exposure on that site. The survey will identify the source(s) of elevated magnetic fields, radio frequency fields or electromagnetic interference. In addition, electrical wiring is also be tested.

When Should You Use EMF Services?

It’s a good idea to use EMF services when you’re getting ready to sell your home or when you buy or rent a new home. When buying or renting a new home, for example, you’re ensuring the property offers a safe environment for you and your family. When selling your home, potential home buyers will be assured the property is safe for them, too, which could increase your property’s value.

Why Choose Our Company for EMF Services?

When you hire our company, you can count on us to provide thorough and complete EMF services. We inspect your home for EMF radiation. If you have a home or a prospective home located near power pylons, a cell phone mast, or substation, we’ll determine whether EMF levels exist in your property and provide a summary of results with all the details. You’ll receive a detailed report of our findings. We’ll also provide steps you can take to eliminate the issue(s) we may find.

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