EMF Surveys across the uk

EMF Surveys Across The UK

EMF surveys are thorough inspections of your property, a house that you wish to buy or rent or in the workplace. Within EMF surveys, a surveyor measures and maps levels of electromagnetic field radiation. It’s really important to conduct an EMF survey if your property is located close to an electrical substation, pylons or in a workplace with HV machinery to determine your exposure to low frequency EMF radiation.

Often radiation can be very localised meaning that it may differ greatly from room to room in your property. Completing an EMF survey really is the first step in understanding and protecting you and your family from EMF radiation.

When do you need EMF surveys?

If your current or future property is located near to a substation or pylon, it’s a good idea to undergo an EMF survey. If you are selling your property then a completed survey will give confidence to any potential buyers. If you are buying or currently living within a property close to a substation or pylon, it is wise to conduct an EMF survey to understand the steps you’ll need to take protect yourself from radiation.

EMF Surveys
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Why complete EMF surveys?

Every health institution worldwide accepts that exposure to high levels of EMF radiation is a known cause of cancer. Unfortunately, within the UK, Government  national exposure levels  offer no “biological” EMF protection.

Numerous studies have associated high levels of EMF exposure with negative health issues. EMF radiation can interfere with the electromagnetic systems inside of our bodies. Particularly the heart and brain are susceptible and since other systems are disrupted, EMF waves can worsen inflammatory problems. EMF radiation have been linked to brain tumours and leukaemia.

Although awareness is growing, it is unfortunate that most people do not think about EMF radiation until a friend or family member experiences an unexplained decline in health.

EMF Surveys
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Why choose EMF Detection to carry out your EMF surveys?

At EMF Detection we specialise in providing thorough and comprehensive EMF surveys across the UK. We are the only company within the UK that tests properties (located near Substations) to a radiation standard of “No Biological Risk”. We offer this service precisely because the UK Government’s national EMF exposure guidelines – provide NO protection at biological levels. We test and chart the substations electro-magnetic fields, assessing if it is a potential hazard or danger for the residents near by.

Our analysis is specifically tailored to evaluate all the frequencies of possible concern and in cases where a property fails the “NO RISK” test, the electrical network is at fault. Ultimately, our assessments offer home purchasers absolute confidence that biological dangers and re-sale values will not be compromised.

All our clients receive a detailed report. This includes the radiation levels in the form of multiple frequency charts, taken in real-time. Customers take advantage of a fixed inclusive fee that expedites on-site analysis and report delivery within a very short time-frame.

Our reports contain detailed graphs of each location that is data-filed during the survey. The clear-cut summary will state whether the recorded EMF levels are above or below the guidelines. Following completion of the analysis, we aim to deliver the report within 2/3 business days.

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EMF detection can be a confusing subject. Get in touch with one of our advisors for a friendly, no pressure conversation. We’ll be happy to answer your queries!


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