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Every health institution worldwide accepts that exposure to high levels of EMF radiation is a known cause of cancer. Unfortunately, within the UK, Government  national exposure levels  offer no “biological” EMF protection.

Toxicological studies make direct comparisons between incidences of high electromagnetic radiation and cases of “postcode” chronic human disease.

Living cells have a range of negative feedback mechanisms that sense radiation assault and use it to trigger various defence systems. These systems are invidious to human health resources. The end result can drastically reduce metabolic efficiency, and lead ultimately to disease, cancer and even DNA damage.

Our service offers a definitive expert decision; clearly stating whether or not an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) health risk is present. In cases where electrical networks fall below biological guidelines, our reports are supported by “real-time” graphic frequency data; therefore, bringing complete peace of mind.

The only way to ensure the safety of EMR in any given area – from the perspective of Healthy Human Biology – is to commission an expert in the field of electrical engineering and biological health EMF guidelines  to test the environment for EMR harmonic resonance and magnetic flux strengths at BIOLOGICAL LEVELS.

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