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The SAGE guidelines on EMF refer to a set of recommendations developed by the Scientific Advice Group on EMF (SAGE), a committee of experts appointed by the UK government to provide advice on the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how to manage their potential risks.

The SAGE guidelines recommend that exposure to EMF radiation should be minimized as much as possible, especially for vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant women. The guidelines advise that the precautionary principle should be applied when it comes to EMF exposure, meaning that measures should be taken to reduce exposure even if the evidence of harm is not yet conclusive.

The guidelines also recommend that governments should adopt a risk management approach to EMF, taking into account the potential health risks and the benefits of new technologies that emit EMF. The guidelines suggest that governments should establish clear policies and regulations to protect public health and ensure that EMF exposure is monitored and controlled.

Overall, the SAGE guidelines aim to promote a cautious and proactive approach to managing the potential risks of EMF radiation, based on the latest scientific evidence and expert advice.

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