When we buy a house, our emotions are attached to it. It should be large enough for our family and should be at our desired location. But having power lines overhead is unpleasant. This distastefulness extends to having a house near an electricity substation.

A research was conducted by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2002; it states that living near electricity power lines can cause cancer.

They also found that power lines are responsible for childhood leukemia, but they did not have enough evidence to declare it as a fact. The researchers are still looking for such evidence because few of them believe that power lines are responsible for this disease.

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Is It Dangerous to Have Power Lines Near the House?

Though the experts and power companies claim that there is no risk from power lines, the World Health Organization supports the research of IARC. But WHO also states that there are no significant health issues to the general public.

Furthermore, there is no strong evidence that can relate electric power lines and cancer. This fact should end this debate, but it is not coming to an end yet. This is because of the EMFs released from power lines and electric substations.

Some people do agree to live near such locations, but they are not satisfied with it. It is just because of different mindsets, and we cannot compromise on health as well.

Some researchers can show studies that can highlight the link between magnetic fields from power lines and childhood leukemia. However, these clues are incomplete. So, we are unable to find any firm scientific clue in this scenario.

Do Power Lines Have a Bad Effect on Your Health?

The electric power lines do emit low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs). But there is no link between EMFs and leukemia.

An international study was conducted in 2018, and it was found that power lines do not have any connection with childhood leukemia. It was also stated that it does not have any relation with cancer. It cannot cause any harm even if you live within 50 meters from electric power lines.

However, you should maintain at least 50 meters distance between your residence and power lines because we do not want to take any risks. Living below the 50 meters range increases the chance of getting sick as the electromagnetic waves are larger in that region.

Can Power Lines Affect the Value of Your Property?

There is no scientific link between health issues and power lines. When it comes to the price of the property, the main issue is emotions. And it can affect the price of a property near a powerline because some people are not satisfied with that location.

If you are willing to sell a house near power lines, you will notice that there are fewer buyers. Thus, you may have to reduce the price in order to sell it. You may have to reduce the price from 2 to 9 percent. It will attract customers with lower budgets.

The buyers may use the frequency of EMFs and underground electricity before purchasing the house. After all, it is their right to ensure security.

Finding Out About the EMF

If a buyer is willing to purchase your property, they can contact power authorities and ask about the EMF strength near your house as they will get exact information from them.

They may also read the survey reports, which can indicate the risks around your property.

We should know that the electromagnetic field is always around us due to the use of different appliances and electrical wiring. Also, we consume EMF from our cell phones, wifi, and radios.

Luckily these devices have low strengths, and the trees around us can protect our body from the harms of EMF. So, if you are often around electrical appliances, don’t forget to go for a daily walk.

What Should Be the Minimum Distance Between Residence and Power Lines?

It is recommended to live at least 50 meters away from the power lines because living within a 50 meters range of power lines is highly risky.

If you cannot see the power lines or electrical substations near your house, you can see the surveyor’s report to know about the strength of EMF around your home.

For more peace of mind, you can hire someone to read the EMF strength. They will use a gaussmeter. You will notice that EMF reduces after 50 meters and keeps on falling as we move farther. In this regard, you can take the service of The National Grid.

Pros and Cons of Living Near Power Lines

Each property location has its pros and cons. Let’s consider the pros and cons of living near power lines.


  1. Properties have low prices.
  2. You can easily measure EMP.
  3. Restrict laws for the distance between properties


  1. It is not easy to sell a property.
  2. It is also not simple to raise a mortgage.

If the house is more than 50 meters away from power lines, there is nothing to worry about. You can go to homes in these locations as they will have lower prices and mortgages.


It is never easy to buy a house. First, you need enough money to purchase it; then, you need to find that dream house. Luckily the homes near power lines have lower prices. You can buy a house there. It is always easy to find a cheap and beautiful house in these locations.

It is a wrong concept that electric power lines can cause cancer. They do emit EMFs, but they are not strong enough to infect you. Plus, the trees around you can protect your body from the harms of EMF. `

Just make sure that your house has secure electric wiring. Also, it should have a distance of 50 meters from the power lines. Go and buy your dream house.


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