The use of higher frequency microwave devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers and smart meters, have suddenly become commonplace despite inadequate safety testing and decades of evidence of biological interaction. Therefore, a political and scientific debate gathers momentum on a daily basis, raising concern about the continued use of these devices.
EMF’s can appear complicated and self-research, especially online, can and often does lead people down a rabbit hole. At that point it can be difficult to way up what is accurate and what is ‘fake news’. For example, if you look into EMF shielding products, you’ll quickly find that there are many products out there that state that they are able to block both high frequency and low frequency radiation. Unfortunately, many of them cannot do so effectively. In an earlier blog post I made the same point relating to testing equipment and that is that most of the time you will get what you pay for. That of course is not true for everything, there are high quality meters for instance, that are available at a relatively cost and there are shielding products (particularly paints) available that don’t break the bank but do a good job at reducing high frequency radiation.
That being said, EMF shielding and mitigation can be extremely difficult to achieve particularly at low frequencies. At higher frequencies, EMF protection and EMF shielding is not overly complex and generally, high frequency radiation is easier to mitigate than low frequency but installation is very important and most products will need to be properly earthed.

Fear not however, there are certain things that do work very well and are free!

Here are 8 very simple ways to reduce exposure without buying any equipment or products:
1. Turn your wi-fi off at night.
2. Better yet hardwire it.
3. Place your phone on aeroplane mode when not using it. Especially at night!
4. Do not stand next to your microwave when its being used. It may sound a bit odd but the amount of people that stand and wait for it to ding is surprising!
5. Increase the distance from your lap and your laptop when using it.
6. Use the loudspeaker on your phone to maintain some distance from the handset and your ear.
7. Try to keep the head of the bed away from electrical outlets.
8. Limit the use of Bluetooth devices especially Bluetooth handsfree earpieces.

Faraday cages work well for both high and low frequency but the main issue with a Faraday cage is how to incorporate that into an environment. Not many people would be willing to encase their house in a mesh cage and the use on devices such as mobile phones would prevent the mobile phone to operate in its normal capacity. (Strangely there are certain products that claim to block 100% radiation and the phone will still function- it would be nothing short of a miracle)
Lastly, I would always advice people to approach with caution any product that claims to offer 100% EMF protection and if in doubt, have an EMF risk assessment or an EMF survey.

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